Overdose a bikePositive

About the horse: The hungarian wonder horse world’s fastest sprinter. OVERDOSE started his racing career in 2007, and won his first 12 races. In mid-2009 one of his hooves got inflamed, which brought his whole career in danger. His recovery lasted more than a year, until he could finally return to racing in July 2010. He won two of his three races since his return, thus his career record currently stands at 14 victories.

onself (2011)


I was assigned to design the image of the energy drink called ‘Overdose’. Because I am a bike fan. I think it would be a great bicycle brand. I immediately adapted the finished logo. Painting of the frame, cutting of stickers, repairing and the new Overdose MTB racing machine is ready. After the OVERDOSE logo. I have founded the full character table. The OVERDOSE  typeface is ready.


  • Freehand
  • Indesign
  • Photoshop